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Hiring Is An Art, Not A Game Of Chance
By Ray Silverstein

One of the major responsibilities for the head of a company is to ensure its success and longevity. If a business is to have increased value, it is mandatory that that organization must be more than a solo operation. This means that there must be other key employees - additional contributors of concept, strategy and implementation.

As a business owner or key executive, you should not look upon the need to hire as a task that takes you away from your job or as a necessary evil. In fact, hiring should be viewed as an opportunity to enhance the skills and capabilities of the organization.

A problem many small companies face is the total immersion of each person handling a multitude of tasks. Therefore, small business executives should make it a priority to know how to hire additional staff. This is an art that requires skill and knowledge, and time should be taken to learn the best techniques to maximize success.

It is obvious all businesses want to hire only productive, good people. But, if time is not invested in the preparation, search interview and selection, companies will only get quality hires by chance. Each person in a small business is a major human resource and that person makes a large contribution to the success or failure of the company.

So, it is a foolish business owner who does not make hiring a priority. I suggest all key employees be trained and knowledgeable in the hiring activity and not just do it " by the seat of their pants." A key responsibility should be to learn how to improve the odds in the hiring process and hire only winners.

The first step in hiring is to fully understand what you are looking for. This seems obvious, but have you created a job description for the position stating the "wishes, wants and needs" for the job? Too often, we try to hire a person who is supposed to accomplish many things. This really means you are looking for an extremely exceptional person who is qualified and outstanding in many skill sets. Unfortunately, people have good sides and weak ones.

Define the skill sets that are necessary to accomplish the job, not a wish list, and look for those candidates who possess them. It is also necessary to know the personality traits that will fit the organization, and the people they will work with. These should also be put in writing along with the job description.

The only way to learn about the candidate is to interview him or her. This where the real work is performed. What questions do you ask? What answers are you looking for? What follow up questions should be asked? How do you ask open-ended questions? A good interview is a great selling tool. The candidate feels you are interested in him or her and wants to become part of your team.

You have become outstanding in what you do because you have learned the skills to accomplish the job. To enhance your company, you must also learn the skills needed to hire the best people. Each hire is time to improve the success of your organization. Hire winners.



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