Running a Peer Advisory Group

Is this for you?


Leading a peer advisory board is a stimulating and rewarding experience - but it is not for everyone. As you examine possible business opportunities, however, you might want to examine the features that make this activity attractive….and equally, you might wonder what the best way is to get up and running and to accelerate YOUR road to profitability.


Your first step is to determine whether serving as a coach, mentor, and guide to a diverse group of entrepreneurs offers you the kind of challenge you enjoy and that fits your personal style and personal goals. We find that are three primary attributes that are the prerequisites for success in this endeavor:

  • Extensive management experience

  • A successful track record of accomplishments in the things you've done before

  • A strong desire to be your own boss and control your own future

In addition, we find these "common core" personal characteristics that tend to spell success:

  • Excellent communication and people skills

  • Self-confidence, enthusiasm and dedication

  • Willingness to learn from others and capitalize on successful operational models that have worked for others

  • Commitment to business ethics and personal integrity

If your personality fits that profile, here’s a profile of what the peer advisory group business can offer you:

  • An opportunity to capitalize on your business experience

  • A business you can get into quickly that is not a franchise and that does not require you to pay royalties or ongoing fees

  • A lifestyle compatible activity that lets you control your time commitments

  • An intellectual challenge with constant exposure to new ideas

  • A proven marketing system that does not require cold calls

  • A concept that works on its own or in conjunction with your other business interests

  • A business that requires minimal capital investment in facilities or equipment

  • An expandable concept that allows you to develop additional revenue sources

  • A lifestyle that gives you maximum flexibility to travel or otherwise "do your thing"

  • An occupation that can be part time or full time, according to your own preference

  • A business you can manage from your home, and operate in inexpensive rented meeting space in business centers, banquet facilities, bank, law or CPA firm board rooms, even in member's conference rooms.

  • An income expectation that can go into six figures

  • The satisfaction of helping your members, and watching groups of initial strangers become one another’s friends, customers and clients

Getting started

If you’ve read this far, you probably sense a fit between this activity and your personality and goals. And, being of an entrepreneurial nature, you might think you can just plunge right in and start organizing and running groups.




To learn how to successfully build a Peer Advisory Group Business, please visit our website,  Actually, in a personal business like this, a phone call is an even better way to start.  Ray’s phone number is 312-337-3658, and it’s the quickest way to mutually decide if a personal meeting is in order.



A word to the wise about franchises

If you’ve been thinking about your own business, you’ve probably examined any number of franchise opportunities. Note that this is not a franchise!  There is no franchise fee!  There is no royalty!  There is no ongoing fee!  There is no requirement to purchase supplies or equipment.  There are no limits on your independence. Since you’re totally your own boss, you can’t be unfairly terminated, nor can you be restricted in what else you do, while you’re running your groups or should you decide to go on to something else.



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