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One of your unique benefits as a member of PRO, President's Resource Organization, is the opportunity to meet with and learn from the prestigious "support organizations" who are PRO Sponsors.

Leading bankers, prominent attorneys, CPA firms, investment advisors, experts in human resources - these are typical of the organizations with whom PRO puts you in contact. You meet their people at our monthly meetings, and we create the right introductions if you should need to investigate their services. You're invited to seminars they create, tailored specifically to the needs of PRO members. And, at your request, you can be added to their private email lists, to get regular bulletins and updates on the issues they know concern companies like yours and people like you.


sponsor roster

Harris Trust and Savings Bank

Resource Technologies Associates, Executive Recruiters

Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd


becoming a sponsor

PRO is happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities with qualifying firms and institutions who are

non-competitive with our current sponsor base, and whose services are of interest to our clientele.

The material above provides an overview of Sponsor benefits and opportunities. Please email PRO or call 312-337-3658 for more information.


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PRO lets me deal with other company presidents, discuss situations confidentially and look for other viewpoints.

Bill Capraro
   Cimco Communications

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